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Brand Development

Everyone has a story or a reason they started their business.  Colors, font, imagery, and written content brings your brand to life and reflects the essence of your story.  We help you organize your ideas and thoughts into clear, concise language, peppered with keywords that will help people get to know you quickly.  We are also master sales trainers and can design a program just for your organziation.


Brand Conceptualization

We work with our clients to ensure their brand reflects who they are and what they sell.

  • What is different about you against your competitors?

  • What's your story?

  • Who is going to handle your research?

  • You need a strategy and a plan.

  • Consider content marketing options.

  • Obtain comprehensive branding resources

Graphic Design

​Get the right consistent, high-quality look with enhanced images, stock imagery or professional photography to display your products:

  • Logo Design

  • Tagline Creation

  • Emblem

  • Style Guide

  • Website Design

  • Landing Pages

Abstract Structure
Online Workshop

Training and Development

If you are just starting or reimagining your business, you need a program that will help your employees sell your brand consistently.  LPF has been designing training programs for both operations and sales leaders including train the trainer so you keep your brand alive and well in the years to come.  Choose a virtual program or in-person.  Due to the pandemic, in-person training will resume in June 2021.  Both brand training and sales training are on the menu.  Let's chat about your goals.

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