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  • Tina Martin

5 Tech Tasks You Can Outsource as a Small Business Owner

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In the realm of small business ownership, time is a precious resource, and finding ways to

optimize it can make all the difference. By outsourcing time-consuming tech tasks, you can

focus on your core business activities while harnessing expert assistance for projects that

require advanced or specialized skills. In this article, we’ll explore several tech-based tasks you can outsource to save time and money so you can unlock the full potential of your small


Web Design and Development

Web design and development can be incredibly time-consuming, even if you leverage the help of drag-and-drop website builders. You’ll need to learn the platform, choose the appropriate templates, customize the design, optimize for mobile devices, integrate necessary functionalities, and ensure compatibility across various browsers. This learning process can eat into valuable time that could be spent on other aspects of your business. Consider outsourcing this work to a professional agency, such as LPF Hunters.

Communication is key when working with designers and developers. Articulating your vision

accurately will ensure the final product aligns with your expectations while minimizing costs.

PDFs are ideal for sharing designs and revision requests with your developer. If you have large PDFs containing many images, start looking for a PDF editor online to add text, comments, and drawings so you can specify design suggestions or changes in your PDFs.

Business Formation

How you structure your business will directly impact how you operate, the taxes you pay, and

your level of legal liability. If you’re looking to outsource work because your business is growing, this could be a good time to form a corporation. Shares of a corporation are easier to transfer to investors compared with LLC membership interests. At the same time, investors appreciate the formal governance processes in corporations, including regular shareholder meetings and board of directors' oversight, which can instill confidence and protect their interests.

Forming a corporation is one project that you can outsource to a legal professional.

Alternatively, you can also tackle this task on your own with the help of online tools. Digital

formation services will file all the necessary paperwork required by your state and provide you with the documents you need to manage your corporation.

Business Process Optimization

If you think your business could operate more efficiently, outsourcing business process

management can provide immense value. Professionals who provide services in this area can

analyze your existing workflows, identify inefficiencies, and recommend technology-driven

solutions to streamline operations. Whether it's automating repetitive tasks, implementing digital tools for collaboration and communication, or optimizing data management systems,

outsourcing business process optimization allows you to leverage specialized expertise and

save time while enhancing productivity and efficiency within your organization.

Digital Marketing

While digital marketing may seem straightforward, the intricacies of digital marketing are not

well understood. Local SEO Search Inc explains that many small businesses fail to see

significant results from digital marketing because they’re targeting the wrong audience,

publishing low-quality content, or not tracking important marketing data. Outsourcing your digital marketing projects can provide substantial returns, especially if you’re not seeing much success with a DIY approach.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a complex but necessary task for small businesses. Harnessing the power of

data analytics will help you unlock valuable insights and make informed business decisions.

DataToBiz explains that outsourcing this task to experienced professionals can help you get the most out of your valuable small business data. Instead of tackling data analytics in-house,

outsourcing will allow you to tap into specialized skills and advanced tools to uncover trends in customer behavior.

In today’s fast-paced business world, outsourcing tech-related tasks is a strategic small-

business approach that can optimize your use of resources and drive success. By delegating

web design and development, business formation, business process management, digital

marketing, and data analytics, you can free up time for what you do best while leveraging the specialized expertise of professional contractors and agencies.

Are you looking for help building your online presence? LPF Hunters offers web design, brand development, and digital marketing services to small businesses like yours! Contact us today so we can bring your ideas to life! Call 323-528-6934 or email us at

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