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Dandelion Wishes

Want to hear a funny story? I was out walking around a cross-country meet one Saturday afternoon when a Jr. High Kid, (You remember those awkward days right?) walked up to me with a dandelion covered with white wishes as I called them. He held up the dandelion and said watch this and without any response from me put the white flurries into his mouth. He ate them! Gross!

Sometimes we have the opportunity in life to make wishes. We cultivate a dream into a reality by hard work and dedication. Other times those wishes seem to vanish and are devoured by others. Sometimes we just make dumb mistakes because we are humans and that is okay.

In an article by Micah Solomon titled, “How ‘A Boy With A Hammer’ Became One Of America’s Top Hotel Builders And Developers” Micah quotes business owner Bob Olsen, “In spite of a string of successful projects and happy clients in the home-renovation business (even that poor rained-on family proved happy in the end), Olson realized that this residential work, although enjoyable, wasn’t paying all that well, and he started to wonder what more his skill set could allow him to achieve.” Read more here”

Every business has to start somewhere. They start with a dream, a passion, and a plan. Here at LPF Hunters we can help you get up and running with digital marketing, SEO, brand development, online advertising, website design, web development across multiple platforms including Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms. Do not let your dreams get lost in the wind. Let's grow your dreams.

LPF Hunters is a sales, brand development, and marketing agency working with clients on everything from web design to digital marketing including social media management, lead generation as well as training design. All designed for small business and startups.

*LPF Hunters has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in the above article. Please refer to the original article as posted and credited above.

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