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IDX, Internet Data Display Now Available for Wix

LPF Hunters is one of a few Wix Marketplace Partners that has created the ability for real estate agents and brokers to leverage the power of IDX within the Wix platform. Why Wix? Wix is an easy to use platform great for independent realtors and those under-served by major real estate brands with affordable tools and resources to build their brand.

IDX capability is not new - it's been around for years, however mostly available through WordPress and only a handful of providers. WordPress is a more complicated website building platform that cannot be handed over to smaller, under-funded organizations easily like Wix. This is the reason LPF Hunters decided to qualify for the Wix Marketplace in January of 2021 - to help small businesses who are typically under-served with affordable resources particularly following the loss of hundreds of thousands of small businesses due to the pandemic. Since January, LPF Hunters has completed more than 30 projects for small business owners with 5-star reviews.

The LPF brand has been around since 2009 serving large clients including the San Diego Zoo, Warner Brothers Studios and other notable brands. Lance Fisher, CEO and Founder of LPF Hunters, commented: "LPF Hunters made the decision to build an IDX integration within the Wix platform back in February of 2021, following LPF Hunters decision to rebrand and serve smaller businesses. It happened organically as a prospect came into the Wix Marketplace looking for this solution."

Fast-forward to June 2021 where LPF Hunters has completed the first integration successfully with yet another in the design phase. Our mission is simple: Start with an affordable branding program with powerful technological resources that help differentiate and modernize the way real estate agents and brokers do business.

Book a meeting with LPF Hunters today to get a quote so we can help you affordably find your special place in real estate:


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