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Is Your Business Website Accessible to Customers With Hearing Impairments?

Regardless of what industry your business inhabits, you should expect that a variety of people from many demographics might find interest in your products. People with disabilities make up one such group that businesses often overlook. Hearing impairments, for example, can make it difficult to interact with many of the features on your company's website. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to understand how you can benefit from making your site accessible to customers with hearing impairments and the steps you can take to reach that level of accessibility. So today, LPF Hunters shares some tips and resources to get you started.

Understand How Accessibility Benefits Your Business

Alienating part of your audience is one of the most detrimental acts when it comes to your business's future. Studies show that around 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. If your website provides a pleasant experience for those with hearing impairments, you can secure the custom of this large demographic.

Keep in mind that a truly accessible website provides accommodations for people with blindness and mental health disabilities as well. However, adding accessible features for individuals with hearing impairments is a great first step in the right direction.

Strive for Compliance and a Positive User Experience

The best goal to strive for when working toward website accessibility is to achieve ADA compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act outlines certain standards that businesses should meet so that those with impairments can enjoy website services. Keep in mind, though, that ADA compliance is not just about avoiding a lawsuit.

Statistics show that as many as 98% of websites fail to meet accessibility standards. Your efforts to reach compliance will also serve to create a rare and highly positive user experience that can draw in new customers.

Know What Features Can Help Overcome Hearing Impairments

Audio and video content are important for making your website more interesting and engaging for the audience. Potential customers may be more likely to absorb information about your companies and your products if it is presented in a dynamic format. However, your hearing-impaired audience will be left out if you do not take simple steps to make these types of content accessible for them. Consider making a few of these improvements to your website media:

Find the Right Professionals for Your Website Improvements

Implementing accessibility features is a fairly straightforward endeavor, but it still requires time and specific skills. Working with freelance professionals is often the best way to complete short-term projects quickly and efficiently. Find a freelancer who’s used to being tasked with developer resources, as well as those who specialize in subtitling, proofreading, or other accessibility-related services to help improve your website and online apps.

Also, online job boards provide a one-stop shop platform for finding the right candidates for your project. Connect with the perfect freelancer after comparing reviews, delivery time, and costs.

Making your website accessible for potential clients with hearing impairments is a necessary innovation for expanding the audience your business can reach. Being mindful of accessibility is about so much more than just being ADA-compliant. It is a moral imperative that can also help your company thrive in the future. While adding features that accommodate hearing impairments does imply additional costs, you can mitigate the expense by building a strong relationship with freelancers who consistently deliver thoughtful service, just as your business can for its customers.

LPF Hunters helps make small businesses look big. Call 562.419.4353.

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Oct 16, 2023

Informative blog! it was very useful for me. Thanks for sharing. Do share more ideas regularly.

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