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Lifting Heavy Boxes

Have you ever been trying to lift a heavy box into your car, onto a shopping cart, or above a counter top and you think to yourself Yup, I’m struggling. Do not worry we all have been there and done that. I know the security cameras at Home Depot have probably gotten a good laugh at me before at attempting to lift things.

My name is Olivia Wolfe and I recently was hired on here at LPF to help “lift”. Solopreneur Lance Fisher knew when his heavy work box was starting to get a little to heavy. As a small business owner you know what that can feel like as well, when things start to get a little stressful. I recently read the article “Eight Common Reasons Solopreneurs Fail (And How To Prevent Them)” by Expert Panel. They write, “If you find yourself spending all your time on mundane, repeatable tasks instead of scaling your business, bring on a freelance virtual assistant to take that busy work off your plate. Technology has made being a solopreneur more achievable than ever, but most successful solopreneurs don't truly go at it alone. Read more here:

Here at LPF Hunters we can help to lift those extra mundane tasks. Hiring some extra help for your business can take some of that weight off your shoulders and help keep you focused on your desired line of work. LPF Hunters can strengthen and lift your digital marketing, SEO, brand development, online advertising, website design, web development all across multiple platforms including Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms.

LPF Hunters is a sales, brand development, and marketing agency working with clients on everything from web design to digital marketing including social media management, lead generation as well as training design. All designed for small business and startups.

*LPF Hunters has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in the above article. Please refer to the original article as posted and credited above.

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Calling All Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

Calling all Real Estate Agents and Brokers nationwide! LPF Hunters is now offering IDX integrations providing seamless access to your MLS data in your beautifully formatted, branded, custom, affordable website. Many real estate agents struggle to differentiate themselves against competitors, especially those that are part of a major brand. Read more:

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