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Real Estate IDX Gets Personal

At LPF Hunters, we know that Real Estate Agents move at the speed of light and have little time for administration on top of the hundreds of components that make up a sale. What if you had your own personal brand consultant with the capability to help you differentiate your real estate business without going broke? There are a lot of self-help tools and applications, but do you really have the time and experience to get it done quickly?

Contact LPF Hunters today to learn more about how we can improve your brand positioning with the latest technology including a direct MLS integration to your own website for one flat rate starting from just $500. From there we take the wheel of your business and get your postings out daily across social media channels and more!

LPF Hunters is a sales, brand development, and marketing agency working with clients on everything from web design to digital marketing including social media management, lead generation as well as training design. All designed for small business and startups.


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