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The LPF Hunters’ Advantage

A website is an essential tool for any small business. It is the world’s window into your operations. Conversely, it is your initial point of engagement with potential clients, customers, and stakeholders. An excellent website is a competitive advantage; a suboptimal one, a costly liability. LPF Hunters provides significant value to its real estate professional clients through our mastery of the fundamentals which includes: cutting-edge design, and outstanding UI/UX. SEO optimization, and a holistic, client-driven approach to strategic branding, marketing, and sales.

LPF Hunters designed real estate professional-client websites all adhere to our excellence blueprint which accomplishes the following critical objectives: (1) They attract customers with their elegant, aesthetically pleasing designs; (2) They are intuitively easy to use and navigate; (3) They offer compelling and consistent user experiences across all devices –e.g. mobile, laptop, desktop, tablets; (4) They deliver direct MLS (IDX) integration; (5) They display detailed proprietor mission statements, product and service offerings, and contact information for follow-up/engagement; (6) They catalyze client business with clear calls to action; (7) They elevate client discoverability through SEO optimization.

Real Estate Client Testimonial

Led by highly accomplished real estate veteran Patty Williams; The Patty Williams Team has successfully listed, marketed; and sold over 300 properties in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County. Also, Patty Williams hired LPF Hunters to design her logo, branding and custom website, integrate her data from the California Regional MLS into her own custom website, and establish Google Console integration and SEO. Also, The CRMLS integration proved wildly successful resulting in increased business for Patty, leading to an ongoing collaboration, and many introductions to additional clients for LPF Hunters.

In Patty’s own words – “I stumbled across Lance when I was looking for a website expert. However, His ideas and follow-up were impressive which is why I decided to move forward with him. He was professional and personable at the same time. I have referred him to many agents in my office. Lance goes the extra mile and always makes sure your website and Google are working properly. I would be lost without Lance! Thank you, Lance…”


In conclusion, At LPF Hunters Long Beach, we provide a wide range of digital marketing design services, sales, and brand development strategies. Also, We craft engaging visual stories to differentiate your business from the competition and transform your future business visions into reality.

However, LPF Hunters looks forward to meeting with you, learning your story, and sharing the ways we can work with you to take your company to the next level.

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