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Turn Your Repair Skills Into a Business

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

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Are you handy around the house? Do you have informal training in plumbing or another similar field? Why not turn those skills into a profitable business? The average salary for a California handyman is $76,323 per year, making the concept of opening a handyman business in Long Beach appealing. Here are some tips to help you establish your business.

Look Into Local and State Laws

You can offer various services in California without having any type of licensure, including fixing fences, repairing doors, and hanging drywall. Projects you take on, though, must be $500 or less per job. If you plan on taking on higher-paying work and want to offer a broader range of services, you'll need to apply for a California contractor's license and have a minimum of 4 years of experience first.

Use the Right Apps or Software

If you're taking on all the projects yourself, you may find you're working a great deal with little time for invoicing and other business management tasks. However, these duties are essential for running a thriving business. You can reduce some of the time and stress of managerial tasks by using technology, including apps or software, to assist.

For instance, you can get accurate construction cost estimates by using a service. You'll be able to easily add the total for labor and materials. Some programs allow you to create a payment schedule for your clients, so you're all on the same page financially. You'll be able to send estimates from a job location and create customized templates with your brand's color scheme and logo.

Form a Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company is essentially a blend of corporate and partnership business types that provide tax benefits to its members. You'll benefit from less paperwork and more flexibility as well.

Although you can hire an attorney to complete this task, that comes with an exorbitant expense. You may save money by completing the process or using a formation company instead. Check California state laws before forming an LLC in Long Beach. The regulations vary from state to state. If you take a misstep unknowingly, it could put your company at risk of legal issues.

Put Together a Strong Business Plan

You may feel as though you can wing beginning your business. This, however, could harm your company in the long run. For this reason, create a business plan before you begin. In your plan, include information about any employees you plan to hire, what marketing techniques you plan to use, and financial projections, to name a few bits of information that should be included.

Understand that this plan may change as you establish your business and even as it grows. But it gives you a basic idea of what needs to be done and can be used to apply for grants and loans or obtain investors.

Create Your Dream Handyman Business With Careful Planning

By carefully planning, you can establish a handyman business designed for success. This is especially true when you use the proper tools and resources to assist when you start your business.

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