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Turning Weaknesses into Success

Everyone has their own special abilities. Some people can solve mathematical equations in their brains, some can paint like only the rest of us can dream of, and some of you have brilliant ideas for making others' lives easier. Collaboration drives success.

I recently read this article from Neal Taparia, contributor in The Entrepreneur section of Forbes entilted: "How This Entrepreneur And His Cofounders Turned Their Shared Weakness Into A Success Story". He writes, “In a quest to make writing painless, Gupta and his cofounders created a set of writing and research tools capable of refining language and generating new ideas for style, tone, and voice. The platform and its tools provide support for users as they write, to smooth and automate some of the more mundane aspects of the writing process. Their shared weakness became their greatest asset in this way”. Read more here:

On the flip side everyone has struggles and short comings. Here at LPF Hunters we can strengthen and fill your weakness with digital marketing, SEO, brand development, online advertising, website design, web development across multiple platforms including Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms. Again collaboration drives success. We collaborate with you.

LPF Hunters is a sales, brand development, and marketing agency working with clients on everything from web design to digital marketing including social media management, lead generation as well as training design. All designed for small business and startups.

*LPF Hunters has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in the above article. Please refer to the original article as posted and credited above.

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Calling All Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

Calling all Real Estate Agents and Brokers nationwide! LPF Hunters is now offering IDX integrations providing seamless access to your MLS data in your beautifully formatted, branded, custom, affordable website. Many real estate agents struggle to differentiate themselves against competitors, especially those that are part of a major brand. Read more:

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