We've had the opportunity to work with some really incredible people.  Check them out here!

Dr. Sheila O'Halloran and Mark Worthen both approached LPF Hunters in early 2019 to create a new brand image and move their existing domain over to the WIX platform.  We used some of their existing brand elements and combined them with new features, but most of all they wanted to be able to manage the website themselves.  LPF introduced them to some inexpensive resources to help them continue to develop their digital footprint.  We created a social media presence as well, ensuring they repeat their brand elements from platform to platform to ensure brand integrity.

Dr. Jennifer Goldman came to LPF Hunters in 2019 where we worked on a business concept to help better equip doctor's offices worldwide with deeper resources within the work of pharmacotherapy.  LPF designed three logos and three websites with social media for three different evolutions of the brand.  The project is still in process.

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Jennifer La Salle, HARDCORE FITNESS, Franchise Owner and General Manager selected LPF Hunters through the Wix Marketplace to create a landing page for her specific location.  LPF provided the Wix platform at a reduced rate through our partnership.  We also created a video and set up her SEO as well as Google Analytics. 

Sarah Bradford, Founder, and CEO has created an amazing brand and service offering exceeding the online needs of today's pregnant women nationwide.  She came to LPF Hunters through the Wix Marketplace to create a customized search functionality to ensure her practitioner's page was easy for users to navigate.  This required our developer to go into the Velo dev center and used code to create the functionality.  This feature helped the user experience work more fluidly and helping site visitors get to the results they want faster.


Jeff Lee, CEO, Creative Cooling Technologies came to LPF Hunters in 2019 to redevelop his brand image and website.  He then engaged digital marketing services including blogging, social media curation making sure branded elements were consistent across channels.  LPF Hunters also created a sales on-boarding training program and recruited quality employees still engaged today.

Deborah Luedy came to LPF Hunters to work on a new concept in 2018.  A concept which would inevitably help investors be connected to real estate assets worldwide.  LPF developed the logo, website, and brand attributes through Deborah.  We generated marketing lists through Infogroup USA for digital marketing campaigns as well to drive opportunities.

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