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Keeping Things Operational While Relocating Your Business

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Companies move for any number of reasons. Whether the owner is relocating their home, trying to capitalize on a new or newly discovered market, or simply opening up an additional location, planning and organization are key to making sure the transition goes seamlessly.

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In order to pull off a truly seamless transition, you'll need to have two locations fully staffed at least for the duration of the move itself. If you're intending to keep multiple spots open for an extended time, you should staff the new place with rapid training in mind; your team

should be ready to run the new location at full capacity on day one. A shop with a loyal customer base doesn't have the luxury of lead-up time; your staff needs to bring their best abilities and attitude to the grand opening.

Having a new location staffed entirely by inexperienced trainees might give the impression that your additional site's quality is well below your usual standard. Consider bringing veterans over from the old location to train the new staff, even if both spots will ultimately stay open. Make sure to spread your talent evenly around your locations to avoid any accusations of inconsistent standards, maintaining the quality your clientele is used to.

Different regions have different regulations regarding how you can structure your business. If you're benefitting from an LLC structure in your current location, research whether those same benefits will apply at the new site. A formation service can get your LLC going, often for considerably less than a lawyer would charge.


If you and your employees are executing the move yourselves, be sure to do so in as organized a manner as possible. Labeling each box with its contents and home at the new facility will streamline the move and reduce any confusion as to a container's destination. In case a parcel gets misplaced, it's not a bad idea to include your contact information somewhere on the box as well.

As touched on above, a staggered move will keep your business operational during this entire process. If you're simply moving, rather than opening up an additional site, bring your employees and equipment over slowly so that both sites can run simultaneously temporarily. As soon as the new spot is ready to operate, you can begin moving the remaining crew and inventory over.

Hiring Movers

Investing in professional movers is worth the additional expense. Movers are trained to move your belongings in an efficient and organized manner and are used to exerting themselves. Most moving companies are insured, making sure you're compensated if any of your belongings are damaged. If you don't have sufficient help to perform the

move yourself, professional assistance is most likely the way to go.

Before committing to a set of movers, be sure to conduct extensive research into your options. A good moving company will have the optimal blend of good reviews and reasonable rates. Online review sites make it easier than ever to suss out a mover's reputation, and can even be used to find companies that are currently offering discounts

and other deals.

As businesses grow and change, moving to a new location is a common eventuality. Organization, planning, and hiring reputable movers will ensure that you can execute the move without missing a minute of operation time.

About the author: Tina Martin first entered the working world with a career in business administration, but the endless cycle of making someone else money and not reaping any rewards grew tiresome. She then switched careers and became a personal fitness instructor. She is working on her first book, Ideaspired: Put Your Ideas, Your Inspiration, and Yourself First to Make Your Dreams Come True. She also started as a side project to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to put their dreams first.

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